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Aforevo TV

Aforevo TV

Aforevo TV is a premium family-friendly channel that features the best of African movies of all genres.

Aforevo TV is a 24-hour African premium movie channel. It showcases the best of blockbuster movies across Africa exclusively in French dub. Other language options are English, Swahili and Lingala.
Aforevo TV covers all genres while keeping a family-friendly profile. Watch the best of African content, be it action, suspense, thriller, drama, romance, comedy or any epic movie. It is the goal of Aforevo to showcase and promote tzhe best of African Culture to the world.

The Aforevo TV mission is to position its channels to provide the best linear viewing experience for all African and interested viewers. They address an audience that can resonate and relate with African entertainment through African movies, TV series and other entertaining African content.

Aforevo TV is positioned to be the No.1 thematic channel for Nollywood filem ind different niche African languages. It starts out with French as the main language and will add other languages as the local platforms desire.





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