The world of TV content for your platform!


Arenamundo ist the content service and catalogue of Global Media Consult. With the arenamundo service we strive to establish the best platform in the industry for international and ethnic TV Content and TV Channels. We work to aggregate, curate and distribute international TV channels and ethnic TV from all parts in the world to platforms all around the globe.

We try to focus on international factual, news, documentary content; while we at the same time provide ethnic content from every corner in the world.

We work with platforms and content providers alike. Our goal is to be the trusted broker and curator in between these two sites of the business – as both need each other anyways to be successful.

For Platforms: We scout, select, curate, negotiate, aggregate and manage content for Cable, DTH / Satellite, Mobile, IPTV, VOD, OTT, Web etc platforms. If you are a telco or any platform looking for content, you have come to the right place.

For Content Owners: we help to increase your footprint and reach to market your content. We manage the distribution of your TV channel(s) and content libraries to international markets.

For both sites we ensure that content is meeting the audience requirements and that signals are delivered and properly broadcast.


If you are a platform seeking content, we suggest you browse our extensive content catalogue. It is divided into

  • TV Channels
  • TV Content
  • TV Apps

You will also find subsections for Ethnic channels and regular international channels.
Just seek out the content that you might need for your platform and send us an inquiry. The more information you can provide us in this initial request, the better and faster we will be able to respond. We consider our service like a tailor-made boutique service. As you know, copyrights and licenses for content vary tremendously by territory and type of distribution. Hence, we will need to work on each inquiry individually. That is our service.

If you are not sure what content you might require, you should contact us at Global Media Consult and we can explore how we can assist you in your content strategy.