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How the right Content brings the World together.

We seem to live in a world that is falling more apart every day. Entire nations decide to leave their international communities (see Brexit). Others elect a leadership that is not interested in international relations. And on an individual level the xenophobia increases in many countries around the world.

Need for Ethnic and International TV content

But at the same time, the need for proper information about ‘the other’ is more relevant than ever. In addition, diaspora and expatriate communities are eager to get the news, entertainment and content directly from the original source.

It poses both a challenge and an opportunity for TV content producers, TV channel and rights owners on the one site and TV distribution platforms on the other site of our industry. From our experience though, we can confirm that the opportunities are much larger than the risks.

Platforms who address the various ethnic communities with the right content offer see an increase in subscriptions and a decrease in churn. It is a great tool to make customers happy and loyal.

In addition, it opens new markets for local, ethnic and national TV outlets. They can now reach out to viewers far beyond their home market. The streaming technologies available for such service are abundant.

Over the past  years, we helped a lot of clients to penetrate new markets and get their broadcast into new territories. We even expanded our services and help in the physical distribution of the signal as well.

Our new service: arenamundo – bringing the worldwide tv to you

Based on this experience, we have decided to launch a new website & service, that focuses solely on international and ethnic TV content. With our service we want to become the go-to-place for such content, and at the same time continue our tailor-made approach to every project. We like to consider this service the “Delikatessen”-Shop for this type of TV genre.

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